Tips For Cleaning Your Roof

Tips For Cleaning Your Roof
August 5, 2021


Commercial roof repair, restoration, and cleaning in Orlando, Florida, work 24/7 to ensure homes are safe during heavy rains and wind. A combination of ultraviolet damage, sitting water, and moss growth may lead to leakage. You need roof maintenance, especially by cleaning, to prevent permanent damage. Below are tips on cleaning your roof.

Moss and other growth

Moss and other growth like algae and molds can be removed physically by using water and a scrub brush. They can also be removed chemically. If you decide to use chemicals, choose products that do not damage the painting. Take precautions also not to affect the environment. Some chemicals are hazardous and may damage other plants in the compound as well as harm the residents. Wet and Forget Liquid Mold Remover is a less toxic cleaning product, which eliminates all roof growths. You apply as per the manufacturer’s directives then are left to kill the development.

Soft spots

Soft sports on roofs can be messy and embarrassing. For a home to look beautiful and neat from far, the owner needs to clean the spots regularly. There are several soft top cleaners like canvas and cabriolet cleaners. They are applied and later washed using a brush and water. Choose the brand that suits and protects your roof paints to prevent bleaching.


For an effective gutter cleaning, some tools like a ladder, gloves, proper eyewear, and rake are essential. A lot of debris gets stuck in roof gutters, which blocks water flow. The cleaner wears hand gloves, flat shoes, and goggles for protection when cleaning gutters. He is supposed to remove all the refuse, later wash the channels using roof detergents and a hand brush.

Sitting waters

If your roof sags, it may hold waters that later support moss and other growth on the roof. The plants may lead to stinking hence making the environment uncomfortable to stay. Ponding may also hold up the breeding of mosquitoes. Uneven parts of the roof need to be leveled and create slopes that direct water towards gutter systems.


Our roofing company in Orlando, FL understands the challenges of rooftops in Florida. They have solutions that provide safety to the residents. For you to collect clean water for domestic use, proper roof maintenance is mandatory. It helps to maintain hygiene in the family and keep it safe. It also helps to save the cost for permanently damaged roofs repair.