Kitchen Remodeling in Orlando

Design & Build The Kitchen of Your Dreams

Your kitchen is one of the most significant parts of your entire house. You make memories here — and a lot of delicious meals! The kitchen holds a lot of importance to your family’s well-being.

However, after many years, remodeling your kitchen may become a necessity. A lot of work goes into a kitchen remodeling project, so it’s important to make sure you plan properly and hire the right people to help.

So, why not hire an expert remodeling company to work through the process? At Personal Touch Contracting, we have been in the business of assisting with kitchen remodeling services in the Orlando area for years now. We also provide services to several surrounding areas around Orlando, including Orange County, Union Park, and much more.

Our experience — as well as the skills of our remodelers — is a significant asset in what we offer, and we can assure you that you’ll get nothing but the best with us.

Want a kitchen that looks like something out of a home and lifestyle magazine? Personal Touch Contracting is the right company to help you out.

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Complete Restorations

Several factors could affect your kitchen. There could be a natural disaster, issues with your plumbing, pipe leaks, and more. Any of these will easily destabilize the kitchen and cause significant design problems. If this happens, then our restoration services are what you need.

What Services Do We Provide?

Kitchen Remodel Services

Kitchen remodeling services are what we’re best known for. Over the years, we have been able to transform hundreds of kitchens in the Orlando area.

Our contractors and remodelers will essentially take everything out of the kitchen and start with an entire overhaul. We cover everything, from the design and architecture to implementation. So, whether it’s remodeling or a renovation you’re looking for, rest assured that our contractors and remodelers are the right fit for you.

At Personal Touch Contracting, we also provide renovations with or without changing major fixtures like your walls. If the need arises, we can draw up plans and submit them to the proper authorities for any necessary permits. From there, we draw up a perfect design template and select the suitable materials before we get to work.

Partial Remodeling

Partial remodeling is another renovation package that our company specializes in. With this service, our contractors and remodelers will take out specific parts of the kitchen and either renovate them or install new fixtures.

Partial remodeling is usually the best when several kitchen fixtures have gotten old, and you want to make a simple change.

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At Personal Touch Contracting, we provide reliable and professional kitchen renovation services. Our team handles everything from design to implementation. With your input and collaboration, we will be able to provide you with the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Kitchen Expansion Services

The kitchen expansion service is a time and labor-intensive process. Here, our contractors and remodelers work to make the kitchen bigger in any way they can.

Under this service, you will need to make some significant structural changes to the house. However, rest assured that our contractors can handle the task at hand. Since our design experts will be in charge, we will take care of the project from the beginning to the end and ensure that your expectations are surpassed.

Professional Kitchen Contractors in Orlando, FL

Why We’re a Perfect Fit

In truth, there are several kitchen renovation companies in Orlando that you could choose from. So, why work with us?

We’re Everywhere

It doesn’t matter where you are in Orlando. We’re here for you and can begin with the kitchen renovations as soon as possible. Of course, we’re also available to customers in nearby cities.

Give us a call today, and we can schedule a consultation.

We Keep You in the Loop Always

At Personal Touch Contracting, we keep you informed in whatever we do. Our designers will work with you to ensure that we capture your taste. Our remodelers and contractors will fill you in on their working process, and every other professional from our company will work to keep you updated on the developments they make.

You can also call us at any time for progress reports, and we will have a representative get in touch with you immediately.

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Our Experience and Track Record Speak for Themselves

Personal Touch Contracting has been working in the Orlando area for years. We have experience with every form of remodeling or renovation service there is.

Whatever problem you might have, rest assured that we’re experienced enough to handle it.

A Customized Remodeling Service

At Personal Touch Contracting, our contractors and design experts can also help you to choose several customized features that will match your taste. These include drawers, kitchen doors, and other external features. The selection process is part of our inspection, and it will help us to capture your taste.

The point is to ensure that your space makes a perfect representation of you. We also keep factors like functionality and practicality in mind when selecting materials for the kitchen remodeling. With a mixture of aesthetic appeal and functionality, you can’t possibly go wrong.

Expert Kitchen Design Company Serving Orange County, FL

Are you looking for expert kitchen contractors that serve Orlando, FL and all its nearby suburbs? Maybe you need someone to supply and design custom kitchen furniture. Well, you have come to the right place. As your chosen mid-state home remodeling business, Personal Touch Contracting is proud to be your first choice for kitchen remodeling contractors.

Whether you are looking for a brand new, streamlined look, or you want to reinvent a cool classic atmosphere, we understand all of your stylistic needs and offer a variety of modern options for your kitchen remodeling in Longwood, FL. At Personal Touch Contracting, our kitchen designers will speak with you directly before we start any work, and establish exactly what you want from your new kitchen. We can change your cupboards to custom models, add new faucet fixtures, replace your hardware, and remodel other small details, or we can excavate the entire kitchen and perform a full scale kitchen remodel in Clermont, FL. It’s all up to you! No job is ever too big or too small for Personal Touch Contracting.

Our Union Park, FL and central Florida clients know that our kitchen remodeling takes care of everything from floor and backsplash installation, replacement of your island and countertops, switching out older appliances for newer models, and more. Do you need extra storage for your pots, pans, dishes, and silverware? Let us know and we can design that for you, as well.

You will be in awe at how amazing your kitchen renovation looks after our work is completed. However, if there is ever any issue, and you are not completely satisfied, don’t hesitate to let us know. We want you to be happy, and unlike other companies in Union Park, FL, we will do our best to ensure that you will love and enjoy your new kitchen. We use the best materials and employ highly-skilled workers, so our work will continue to impress our clients in the greater Orlando area. Your kitchen must meet your personal standards or we will keep working on it until it finally does.

And, if you are in the market for additional home improvements outside of kitchen renovation and kitchen remodeling in Altamonte Springs, FL and across the Orlando area, Personal Touch Contracting offers several other home renovation services to greater Orlando clients. From tile and woodwork installation to painting and flooring, we have been one of the area’s leading kitchen remodel companies and home renovation specialists for over two decades and are fully licensed and insured. So, if you want the expert services of knowledgeable bathroom remodelers in Orlando and beyond with a proven track record, give us a call today at Personal Touch Contracting or come visit us at our showroom in Orange County, FL, near Orlando, FL, to discuss your remodeling plans with us. We would be glad to help you pick the products you need and provide a free design consultation!

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