Tips For Choosing The Perfect Bathroom Vanity

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Bathroom Vanity
May 17, 2023

Choosing the ideal bathroom vanity is what gives a new style or design to a bathroom renovation. Because the cabinets in a bathroom are usually at the exact level of our eyes, it’s necessary to use accent colors. These colors will make a small area pop without overpowering the room. You can also paint the cabinets a darker shade than the walls to create this accent effect. Our contractors know all the best tips for choosing the ideal vanity for your bathroom remodel in Windermere

What Is the Best Bathroom Vanity Material?

The best option for bathroom vanity is solid wood. If you are not concerned with cost, then choosing solid wood for your bathroom vanity is the right choice. It is the most durable and strongest of any other materials and the strongest wood is solid oak.

Quality Materials are the Best Options 

When you spend more money on quality materials it always outweighs the less costly, low-quality cabinet. The reasons include:

  • Choosing cheaper cabinets made from particle board makes your vanity susceptible to damage by humidity and moisture. Over time, cabinets made from cheap material will discolor, crack, and warp.
  • The best way to determine your cabinet choice is strength. In order for a vanity cabinet to last it needs to be strong enough to hold the weight of the sink and countertop. If it is not strong, it risks sagging, cracking, or collapsing and losing the seal between the countertop and cabinet.

A Green Option for the Bathroom Vanity

Another wood that has almost as much strength as oak is rubberwood. Originating from the Hevea Brasiliensis rubber tree, a material that is friendly to the environment reduces waste, and advances sustainability. Homeowners that have a philosophy of living green and repurposing choose rubberwood for their vanity.

How to Pair the Vanity Top and Base Cabinet 

When planning the perfect bathroom vanity there are two important products to keep in mind. The vanity top and the base cabinet. When these two are paired appropriately, they form the ideal vanity for your bathroom. If you are planning a bathroom remodel in Longwood, FL our contractors offer their expertise in pairing these products together.

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