Simple Home Upgrades For The Holidays

Simple Home Upgrades For The Holidays
December 21, 2022

If you plan on inviting friends and family to your home over the holiday season, you certainly want them to see it in its best light. However, you may not have the time or the money to completely renovate your house in the weeks leading up to your holiday party. There are a few things that you can do to upgrade your home without committing to a big renovation. Here are some examples:

1. Update Your Bathrooms

With more company coming in and out of your home during the holiday season, your powder room will get more use than usual. This is the perfect time to splurge on smaller changes that can easily modernize the space. New tiles or an updated lighting fixture can bring holiday glamor you can be proud of. For an even easier upgrade, invest in some fresh hand towels or a crisp ceramic soap dispenser.

2. Upgrade Your Kitchen

Try making over your kitchen gradually by upgrading bits and pieces at a time. For example, add an extra workstation or prep sink to your kitchen island for quicker, more convenient cooking and baking. You can even add a few bar stools around the island so you can sit down when you need a rest.

And, what about your countertop? Does it look a bit dated and worn? Perhaps you can resurface it with strong, durable quartz for a modern touch. Or, choose a stain-proof granite countertop that can withstand the heat generated by the hottest pots and pans straight out of the oven.

Finally, add a bold-patterned backsplash to your kitchen for the easy cleanup of grease, grime, and any splatter your walls may encounter from holiday cooking. Choosing a colorful, artsy backsplash can also improve the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. Having a unique design can give you the chance to show a bit of personality amid any neutral-colored decor of gray, beige, or white.

3. Refresh With A Coat Of Paint

If you have been putting off painting a room in your home for a while, use the time before the holidays to start such a project. The room may be out-of-date and need a facelift, or it could simply be past its prime, peeling and cracking. Either way, a simple paint job can work wonders and painting is always easy and affordable.

4. Replace Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

Another quick way to update your home in a hurry is to replace old, outdated fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom with new ones that are pristine and more contemporary. You can also replace your cabinet hardware to match your new kitchen fixtures and your shower curtain and rings to compliment your new bathroom fixtures.

5. Consider Adding a Bar

A fully-stocked bar is a must for any party. You can easily dedicate a corner of your kitchen to mixing drinks and you can turn a nearby closet into a liquor cabinet. You can even add a wine fridge and a small sink and decorate the space with dramatically-colored tiles and stainless steel finishes. Just remember to stock plenty of ice.

Rely On Experienced Contractors

In conclusion, you can easily change minor things around your home in order to modernize and freshen up your aesthetic. As your go-to kitchen designers in Orlando, FL, Personal Touch Contracting wants to help you restore and upgrade your kitchen before the company arrives. So, stop by our office, or give us a call, so we can assist you with beautifying your home.