Revamp your bathroom with Personal Touch Contracting

June 26, 2024

Revamp your bathroom with Personal Touch Contracting

Thank you for visiting the official site of Personal Touch Contracting Company, the widely recognized and preferred general contractor for Orlando, FL especially in kitchen remodeling services. Now, let us tell you more about our impressive services, we focus mainly on bathroom remodeling.

Tailored Bathroom Remodeling Services

Bathroom remodeling can be a complicated process as it involves detailed installation of fixtures and fittings, however, at Personal Touch Contracting we provide excellent services that can help turn your bathroom into the dream bathroom you have always wanted. Whether it involves retrofitting new changed individual fixtures or improving the functionality of the bathrooms, creating a spa feel, our team is thus fully prepared to make your vision come to life.

Crafting Custom Bathroom Designs

Most people are becoming more willing to spend money to fix their bathroom than to completely change it, and the best way is to read. Many of our clients at Personal Touch Contracting agree that design matters, particularly that it is tailored to the individual. We are committed to delivering quality bathroom designs that incorporate the standards of your choice and your specific requirements to create the special and useful bathroom of your dreams.

Our Expertise

If you’re looking for a contractor who cares about your project in Colorado Springs, then choose Personal Touch Contracting. Mastering all the sides of bathrooms our team specializes in the full range of services, starting with the idea and ending with the implementation. 2008 and we have successfully helped homeowners to choose their preferred design and build their dream bathrooms from start to finish.

Be stylish with Personal Touch Contracting’s truly excellent bathroom remodeling. Call us now to start the process of providing bathroom remodel services in Orlando and the surrounding communities. Join us and let us extend your house or office to a befitting environment that emulates your personality and preferences.