Questions To Ask Your Contractors Before A Remodel

Questions To Ask Your Contractors Before A Remodel
September 15, 2023

Are you considering remodeling your home? Before you write that first check, take some time to vet the right contractor. This is the company that will be in your living space for as long as the project takes. You need to be comfortable with the team you choose to work with. Start by asking some important yet basic questions to get to know the general contractor. Here are 8 questions you will want to ask during the interview process.

1. Are You Licensed? 

Before you start your bath kitchen remodeling in Clermont, FL, check to see if the contactor is licensed. or Many states and cities have licensing requirements for home building and renovations. This requirement assures you that the contractor has gone through the proper channels and completed any mandatory coursework to practice their craft. You should also make sure the GC’s subcontractors are licensed, such as electricians, plumbers, and HVAC trades.

2. How Many Years Of Experience Do You Have? 

All home improvement businesses have to get a start somewhere. Yet, even new business owners have generally worked within the industry for quite some time to gain experience. For kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Windmere, you want a local contractor who has years of experience managing a team and has good credit with materials suppliers.

3. What Insurance Do You Carry? 

A reputable contractor will have at least 2 types of insurance. One is General Liability which protects you from any unforeseen property damage. It will also cover his vehicles and equipment while working at your home. The other important insurance is Workers’ Compensation. This protects you from liability if someone is injured on the job. Don’t be shy about asking for a Certificate of Insurance as proof of policies and amounts of coverage.

4. Will You Pull All Permits? 

Local building codes generally require that permits be secured for any work that is structural in nature, such as the removal of an interior bearing wall. When doing a kitchen or bathroom upgrade, you will also need permits for plumbing and electrical work.

5. Do You Have A List of References? 

In general, a contractor will have a few good references that they can provide you with. If they can’t, this is a red flag. Call the references and ask relevant questions about how it was working with the team, did they complete the work on time and within budget, and was the work to your standards.

6. Who Are The Subcontractors? 

While the GC is the one you are dealing with directly, you will still be working with additional companies in the form of subcontractors for specialized trades. You want to know who they are and if they are licensed, insured, and reputable. Don’t be afraid to ask for references for these companies as well.

7. Will You Provide A Contract? 

We don’t recommend starting a remodeling project without a standard form of agreement in place. This contract should clearly lay out the scope of work, project timeline, total cost including how changes will be handled and when payment is due, warranties for materials and labor, and how disputes will be resolved.

8. What Is The Best Method Of Communication?

You should be able to contact your contractor’s designated team member if something important comes up. This can be either by phone, text, or email. As well, there should be a weekly team meeting where a progress report can be reviewed and field questions can be addressed.

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