Prepare For A Kitchen Remodel With These Tips

Prepare For A Kitchen Remodel With These Tips
February 22, 2023

A kitchen remodel can take as long as six to eight weeks for an average-sized space, although we give our clients a detailed estimate of their specific situations. A few preparation tips help ensure that time passes as smoothly as possible with minimal hassle.

Decide Your Meals And Plan Accordingly

Sandwiches make for very easy meal options. Prepping crockpot meals and grilling outdoors work great during kitchen remodels, too. Think about meals you can make using small cooking appliances such as air fryers, toasters, microwaves, and electric skillets. You may want to plan to eat out more than usual, too.

Create A Temporary Kitchen For Meal Prep

The goal of a temporary kitchen is to give you a space to prepare meals during the renovations. The temporary kitchen could be your outdoor kitchen or patio, especially if the weather promises to be nice during your kitchen remodel in Orlando, FL. The living room, dining room, or any other large area can work, too. You move most of your appliances and food items to the temporary space.

However, if you’re upgrading your appliances as part of the remodel, you can go ahead and dispose of most items except for the refrigerator, stove, and microwave. Keep smaller appliances such as electric or camping stoves and mini-fridges since they come in helpful during construction work.

Make A Plan For Washing Dishes

You won’t have water in your kitchen during the remodel. It helps to know where you will wash your dishes, for example, in the bathtub or another sink. Stock up on paper plates, paper towels, and the like to cut down on dirty dishes.

Pack And Organize Strategically

Keep the items you need to be accessible as handy as possible. For instance, store the seasonings and spatulas within reasonably easy reach in the temporary kitchen. Always label moving boxes when you pack kitchen items.

Speaking of packing, find an alternate location for your mail (assuming you use the kitchen for mail as many people do). Take extra care with securing fragile objects such as china and photos in the kitchen and nearby spaces. It’s safer to pack them rather than risk letting the vibrations, dust, and noise of construction cause damage.

Many people keep cleaning tools in the kitchen, so find a safe temporary location for these house cleaners, disinfectants, dish towels, and even pet food items.

Take Precautions With Children And Pets

If you have children, explain to them where they can and cannot go. Kitchens won’t be secured during a remodel. When you relocate cleaning sprays, make sure they are still out of children’s reach. Do something similar with pets, for example, taking dogs to doggy day care if the kitchen work area is difficult to seal off.

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