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It can be difficult to manage all the repairs and improvements that typically come with home ownership, but Personal Touch makes it easier than ever. That is because we can help you accomplish any renovation that you see fit. This is especially true if you plan on bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling since these two areas are our specialties.

Why is it important to focus on the kitchen and bathrooms before all else? Well, let’s face it. We spend a lot of time in each of these spaces, so kitchen and bathroom remodeling are essential.

If you want to expand your bathroom to accommodate more people, such as guests, our bathroom remodelers can easily have a vanity with two sinks added. Does your kitchen feel like it lacks energy? Our kitchen remodelers can knock down the wall between your current kitchen and dining room, opening up the space and giving the area more of a boundless floor plan. As you can imagine, the ideas for modernizing and reorganizing your bathrooms and kitchen are nearly endless!

Home Remodel In Charlotte County

Kitchen & Bathroom Flooring Professionals

Our highly-skilled contractors work with only the finest materials, including ceramic tile, linoleum, wood, or any available composite of your choice to give your floors a durable finish and a modern aesthetic. Ask us for a free estimate for your kitchen or bathroom flooring renovation as a part of your home renovations today!

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It is always best to work with well-trained, seasoned kitchen and bathroom remodelers that take the time to listen to your needs and desires when it comes to your home renovation choices, including all types of kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

At Personal Touch, we have been doing this for a long time, and we have the experience and expertise to offer you suggestions based on your budget and the time you have available to make changes. We even offer kitchen drywall renovation!

We are also proud to present our Charlotte County customers with the best home flooring and bathroom and kitchen renovation services in the surrounding area. We want you to enjoy your home as your haven and your paradise. At Personal Touch, we are a fully licensed and insured remodeling company in greater Charlotte County, FL that will transform your home from just a building you reside in your sanctuary!

What Are The Benefits Of Remodeling Your Home?

  • Personalize your space to your preferences
  • Increase your home’s value
  • It can be more relaxing
  • It can save you money by reducing utility costs

There are so many sustainable benefits to renovating or remodeling your home! When you invest in a kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation, you will not only be doing something to make your home feel more like your own but, depending on the renovation, you may be increasing your home’s overall value.

With each home renovation, you can take the time to transform the space you live in into a space that reflects your style and any particular needs that you may have. That means you can brighten it up to excite you and your family, or make it a cozy, comfortable spot to relax in. Our bathroom and kitchen remodelers will always be there to help you with your home renovations in Lee County and Charlotte County, FL every step of the way! Call our bathroom and kitchen remodelers for all your remodeling needs and more today.

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