Choosing the Right Backsplash for Your Florida Kitchen

Choosing the Right Backsplash for Your Florida Kitchen
December 21, 2023

A backsplash might look like a decorative feature, but it’s a practical one as well. This is the feature that’s going to save your kitchen walls from spaghetti sauce stains, deep-fried oil spatters, and all the other food and liquid that can spill and hit the wall behind your counter and stove. Backsplash can take many forms with different materials and patterns, and choosing one can take a while. If you want to replace your backsplash, you will want to be sure that it’s low maintenance and that you love the way it looks. 

Look at the Ease of Cleaning

Anything you put in your kitchen should be easy to clean. The kitchen is one of the messiest parts of the home, with splatters and splashes appearing daily. Make cleanup easier for yourself and your family with backsplashes that wipe clean in a snap. These can be almost any material as long as the whole backsplash is smooth, and any details are easy to clean around. Some backsplashes can be very ornate with carved or raised designs, and you want to be sure that splatters of food, liquid, and grease don’t get stuck in that detail.

Pay Attention to the Rest of Your Kitchen

If you’re replacing the backsplash as part of a larger kitchen remodel, be sure that what you choose goes with what your kitchen will eventually look like. You may see a backsplash that you think would look fantastic now — and if you’re replacing only the backsplash, you’d want it to match your current kitchen — but if your whole kitchen will change soon, be sure the backsplash matches the remodeled version.

Even neutral and very basic backsplashes, such as white subway tile, can clash with different kitchen designs. This is why you should have the entire remodel done by one contractor, if possible; that way, you can be sure that what the contractor has ready to install is going to fit well with the rest of the new kitchen. If you have a separate contractor add the backsplash, you risk getting something that’s just a shade off from what you want simply because the contractor used a different supplier.

Are You Planning to Sell Soon?

Backsplashes come in all sorts of patterns and colors, and it’s tempting to choose something that just strikes your fancy. However, if you’re planning to sell your home soon or within the next few years, you may want to go with a more conventional backsplash. While replacing a backsplash isn’t the most complicated job, it requires enough time and money that you don’t want to have to replace it too often. It’s better to get a more neutral backsplash now so that you don’t have to worry about it when it’s time to sell your house.

If you’re not planning to sell your house soon, then you can go for more unconventional patterns or materials as long as they’re easy to clean and are choices that you’ll like for the next several years. Always take your time in choosing a backsplash so that you’re not looking at it a year from now, wondering what you were thinking. Find the features you like and mull over different combinations while narrowing down the choices.

A new backsplash can transform your kitchen. You’ll want a professional remodeling company to install it to ensure the final product looks fantastic. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel in Orlando, start looking at materials and colors that might work in your home. When you need a general contractor in Orlando to start the work, contact Personal Touch Contracting to arrange for a consultation.