Hail Damage: How To Spot It & Other Important Factors

Hail Damage: How To Spot It & Other Important Factors
October 11, 2021

Roofing contractors are all too familiar with the damaging impact of hail. Spotting hail damage on your roof is an important skill to learn, especially living here.

High winds and debris will always be a nice roof’s worst nightmare. Shingles can be torn off, or they can be smashed by something flying through the air. Either way, if you can identify any damage, filing an insurance claim is much easier.

How to Properly Identify Hail Damage

So, there was a storm recently, and you suspect there might’ve been some damage. How can you tell for sure? The easiest thing you can do is to climb up there. Take a close look at your roof, and check to see whether there are any obvious signs of damage.

Asphalt shingles may look shiny from a distance. That happens whenever they lose their granules. You can also touch the roof to see how the shingles feel. Good shingles shouldn’t have too much give.

If things feel more like a bruised apple, it’s probably damaged. Finally, look around to see if there are any broken or torn shingles. Those aren’t too difficult to find, usually.

  • Broken Shingles
  • Signs of Discoloration
  • Shingles That Feel Soft to the Touch
  • Shingles That Have Been Blown Away Completely

Assessing the Extent of Any Hail Damage

Roof repair in Winter Park, FL always starts with an assessment of any damages. Sometimes, you might not need an entirely new roof. Mostly intact roofs can often be repaired, saving you some money.

Have someone professional come and check out the roof. That’s the only way you can know for certain just how much damage there’s been.

When Should You Notify Your Insurance Company, and What Should You Say?

Anything more than cosmetic damage should be a sign that it’s time to call your insurance company. They’ll want you to have a few pictures of the damage if possible.

Most of the time, whenever it’s hail damage, they’ll cover the cost of repairs.

You’d have to pay your deductible first, and they’ll send out a claim adjuster to inspect things. Assuming the inspection goes well, everything is pretty fast from there.

Deciding Whether to Repair or Replace Your Roof at Hail Damage

We’d suggest doing whatever you can get the insurance company to cover. If they’ll only pay for a partial replacement, that’s not a bad route to take. Repairing the roof is a better option whenever the damage isn’t extensive and the roof is young.

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