5 Places You Should Inspect After A Major Storm

5 Places You Should Inspect After A Major Storm
October 18, 2022

After a major storm in Orlando, there is a whirlwind of emotions that every homeowner goes through. It is critical to evaluate storm damage immediately after the storm so you can restore your home. Use this checklist of things for Orlando homeowners to inspect after a major storm, and know that help is around the corner.

Check These 5 Spots Around Your Home After a Storm

After a storm, there are a few main points to look at. Be sure to check:

  • Wood structures such as fencing, patios, and decks
  • Trees and shrubbery
  • Roof
  • Foundation
  • Fixtures and lighting

Fencing Patios and Decks

Fences, patios, and decks are most vulnerable to storm damage. Check all of your woodwork outside for unnecessary debris, dents, or breakage. There may be areas that have been damaged, or fencing may be uprooted.

Uprooted Trees and Shrubs

Check for damage caused by trees and shrubs. You may find leaves and branches all over the property. You may also see the unfortunate instance of an uprooted tree or plant. Make sure that you take pictures and locate where the damage has occurred. You may find some damage impacting your pipes and gutters which could lead to a bigger problem.

Damaged Roofs

A damaged roof is almost expected after a storm. You may see shingles fallen after a storm, or even see leaks inside the home. Look for any areas where there may be splitting or cracking. If you can not get to the roof, call a contractor for help in making the assessment. A good roof leak repair in Orlando specialist can give you every answer you need, and help with the repair.

Foundation Cracks

Check the foundation of your home for cracks. You may already have some leaking in the basement. When heavy water accumulates around a home, the foundations are weakened and cracks can occur during the storm.

Outside Fixtures

The outside fixtures of your home may not seem important, but if they sustain water damage, it could be a big problem. Water inside a fixture will damage it, and could cause a safety problem. Call an electrician if you are having issues with water damage to your fixtures.

Contact Personal Touch Contracting for a Roof Estimate Today

When you are checking your home for storm damage, use this checklist of five things to look for. All of these things should be looked at approximately twice a year prior to any storm. Your roof is a great place to start. When you are inspecting for storm damage after a storm, know that you don’t have to do it alone. We know that you are experiencing the aftermath of something awful. Personal Touch Contracting in Orlando has the help you need. Call us for an estimate today.